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If You Could Collaborate is the fourth annual If You Could exhibition curated by Will and Alex from It’s Nice That. We met them a year ago in London over a cup of tea and agreed to join the project. The contributors have been challenged to produce something a little unexpected, by working with a partner of their choosing from any discipline, profession or background. There is no brief to answer, or format to honour – the only limit being the enterprise and imagination of the artists involved, and a liberal 12 month deadline.

We collaborated with our friend Anne Werner, producing a (hold tight) “Op-Art inspired medievalish tapestry made from cotton fabric”. We wanted to create something entirely graphical, and looked at various Op-Art pieces for inspiration. Instead of paper or canvas we decided to use fabric. And instead of traditionally drawing or painting the pattern, we used fabric manipulation techniques  to give it an edge of something funny and a bit exaggerated. We really liked working with this combination of modern and non-modern references. These techniques have been used for hundreds of years and in combination with complementary colors and Op-Art like patterns it gave an interesting new expression.

The show is open from 15 — 23 January 2010, 12–6pm
(open late on 21 January, 12–9pm)
A Foundation Gallery at Rochelle School, London E2 7ES.

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Gry Futtrup Rasmussen and Linn Wie helped us getting everything together, sewing and cutting all the fabric. Here are some photos of the process:

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