“Bad artists copy. Great artists steal.”

Apparently that’s how Picasso felt about copying people’s work. These examples below are from some Danish designers who have been a little more than inspired by our work without linking to us or indicating where the inspiration came from.

Don’t get us wrong: We are more than happy that people can be inspired by our work! But instead of making a copy, why not add a twist, give it something new – in which case it would be both fun and interesting to have people contact us and show us new results that draw on the same ideas as we have worked with. But to stumble upon copies displayed on other designers’ websites, as if they were their own with no credit whatsoever, is not fun at all. And in these two examples the designers haven’t even bothered to at least change the format. In fact some details are so similar, that we find it is beyond doubt what’s going on…

What do you think? Is it ok to copy, and where do you draw the line? It would be great to get some responses on this topic.

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Creatures in the garden of Lady Walton

Clogs’ new album is finally out now! It’s a really amazing album, so go out and get one. We just received a whole case of cd’s the other day and they look great too.

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Ledig kontorplads i Mit Nye Hjem

(Sorry, this is for the Danes)

I en hyggelig lille kælder midt i Pisserenden ligger Mit Nye Hjem. Kontorfællesskabet i Sankt Peders Stræde beboes af designere og andre kreative. Lige nu er vi 5 og vi mangler en 6. person til at leje en plads.

Som navnet tilsiger, bruger vi meget tid på kontoret, og det er vigtig for os at det er et sted hvor man både kan arbejde hårdt og have det hyggeligt og sjovt. Også når arbejdsdagen er over!

Pladsen er ledig fra 1. april. For priser og spørgsmål, samt en kort ansøgning, skriv til info [at] hvasshannibal [dot] dk

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Ud & Se illustration

We almost forgot to mention: our latest illustration is out now in DSB’s magazine Ud & Se in the March issue. We did these two images for a very interesting and entertaining article about why and how people lie – which they apparently do a lot more than you’d expect… It’s written by our friend Boline Skovly. Grab a copy next time you are on a train! If you are not Danish you might not know the magazine, but it really is a nice one – one of our favorites in fact.

Here are the two illustrations:


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New Show in Copenhagen opening tomorrow

We have another show opening – this time it’s right across the street from our studio with our friends and neighbors, at the lovely café Din Nye Ven. We have dug out a lot of old work, from the Magic Hour show as well as brand new work from Losing the Plot at Kemistry Gallery. We will also be showing a lot of old and new posters, a few mobiles and the magic ball from the Turboweekend cover.

So join us at the opening, this Friday, March 5th from 17.00 – 21.00. We would love to see you there!

Din Nye Ven
Skt. Peders Stræde 34
1453 København K

Linn will be baking colorful cakes, and there will be beer, wine etc. There will also be posters and artwork for sale at the opening, and during the entire period of the show (March 5th – 30th) by appointment… We hope to see you there tomorrow! Everybody is welcome.

Our studio is full of old and new work right now, that we are assembling for the show… We are finishing up a few wood pieces and as usual, we are working several jobs at the same time.

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New posters in our webshop

The prints from our show at Kemistry Gallery are now for sale in our web shop! There are 5 screen prints og 3 offset prints. Get one here.

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