Today we got up very early and had breakfast at the LAFA campus. We were then driven to the Polytechnic University of Dalian, which has a very interesting design and arts school. We got to visit a lot of different studios there, and especially the ceramic and sculpture studios were really exciting to see!

Here we gave our first lecture which was a very nice but strange experience, since very few actually understood what we said. Mu had to translate everything, and since we don’t speak Chinese, that could be anything! Afterwards it was like we were rockstars and we were asked to sign autographs.

Back at the LAFA campus, we held another lecture in the package design studio. Now we are very tired, so off to our big beds with plastic sheets. Tomorrow our workshop will begin and we are looking forward to really meeting the students and talking with them.

The ceramics department at Dalian Polytechnic University

Sculpture students

Again a glorious lunch, this time with the dean and teachers of Dalian Polytechnic

If you’re a lover of seafood and weird creatures, Dalian is the place for you. You can even get silk worms and huge frogs. Of course they are alive when you order them and then prepared for you… we didn’t dare though.

HOT v.2! This poster was designed by one of the teachers, Professor Yuling. We like this poster very much.

Group photos are a big thing in China. Here we are with Mu, the dean of Dalian Polytechnic Professor Ren, Professor Wang and Professor Yuling in front of one of the dean’s beautiful paintings.

First lecture at Dalian Polytechnic. The crowd is eagerly anticipating our words… Professor Wang fell asleep.

Second lecture at LAFA campus.


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