LAFA workshop – now on our website

By the way, we have now uploaded some more photos and information about our workshop at LAFA on our website!

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Outdoor exhibition in Chaumont

We just took part in an outdoor poster-illustration exhibition at this year’s Chaumont International Poster Festival in France, which was curated by Adrian Shaughnessy. There were 30 individual posters mounted on giant concrete tubes throughout the town, created by different artists. We chose to use our picture Likouala, originally made for an outdoor billboard exhibition with ROJO in Barcelona.

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Here are some recent articles about us and some of our music related work in the Danish music magazine Gaffa.
(Sorry, but they are in Danish of course…)

Hvass&Hannibal – Designduo med succes
Undercover – Magic Chairs

And here’s an old one about the Turboweekend cover:

Undercover – Ghost of a Chance

An old photo from the making of Turboweekend’s first album cover, Nightshift

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The day before yesterday we had a guest talk at CAFA, Central Academy of Fine Arts – our last one on this trip. Our Chinese friend, Been had been so kind as to arrange everything for us. We also got to meet Professor Xiaoyong, a famous designer and professor of graphic design at CAFA. We didn’t have much time to see the school, but hopefully we’ll be able to go back one day and see more.

After our guest talk, we had a cup of coffee with our Danish friend Sidsel Tuxen who is studying at the architecture department at CAFA this semester. She had made two new Chinese friends with really cool Western names – Highway and Oxygen. Later Oxygen, Been and a bunch of her friends then joined us for dinner at a nearby restaurant. We ended the day with Jessica on a roof top bar with a magnificent view of the forbidden city. Beijing is a magical city.

Yesterday we did some regular tourist business, and we also visited our friend Jessica at the architect office where she works, called Dada.

And now our trip is nearly coming to an end! It has been an absolutely amazing experience for us to visit China. Tomorrow we are flying back to Denmark, back to our little basement studio. We are looking forward to seeing our friends, family and most of all our (other) better halves…

Sculptures at CAFA

Tourist business included visiting the galleries of 798. This photo is from Olafur Eliasson and Ma Yansong’s collaboration at UCCA. It’s a giant room filled with colored lights and smoke, an amazing experience.

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