Trailerpark Festival

We’re back! Well almost… As of Monday we will resume work behind our desks at the studio, after a lovely month of sunshine and holidays. In the mean time we have designed a bit of stage decoration for the Trailerpark Festival, which is beginning tonight! Don’t miss it – there will be lots and lots of fantastic bands playing and beautiful artwork and sculptures to see. Hope to meet you there!

Our stage design is a forest of abstract shapes made of wood, painted white on the top and different colours on the back. With the white side up, it’ll be possible to project visuals on the shapes, while hopefully the colours on the back will create interesting effects when lit from beneath.

Bo Benzon from Arkitekturministeriet is the technical mastermind behind the wood construction, and thanks to happy helpers at the festival it was possible to paint all 67 shapes in 2 days…

Looking forward to see how it looks when all the shapes are up! Photos by Rasmus Stolberg

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Summer holiday

We just returned from an amazing Roskilde Festival! It has been 4 days of fantastic music, friends, fun times, sunshine, camping and dancing. Both Efterklang and Turboweekend played at the festival, both were brilliant as usual, and the audience loved them. We also got to spend some time with the National, who played an amazing show too – and it was very nice to meet Bryce and Padma again, who are also members of the band Clogs, that we have recently created artwork for.

It’s July, the sun is shining, and our basement studio is far too dark to spend time in right now. So we have decided to take the month off, which means we will be away until the beginning of August. This also means that there probably won’t be much activity on the blog until we are back.

Have a great summer!



The National

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