Art Stars competition

Last year we participated in a project initiated by Ralph Lauren called Art Stars, in which we and 50 other artists were asked to decorate a denim star. Later all the stars were exhibited in London and auctioned away in order to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Now Ralph Lauren is inviting new artists to make a star of their own! All you have to do is upload your idea before Friday February 4th on the Art Stars website.

The two winners of the competition will get a chance to work on their star at our studio for one week each, along with a 1000 € prize and extra 500 € for materials. So if you have a good idea, go ahead and submit – we look forward to working with you!

Here are some photos of how we made our star last year. We tailor made a slim-fit-suit for it, that was sewn together from various pieces of denim fabric that we hand-dyed. Photos by Sam Christmas and us.

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Recent features

We were featured in Adobe’s newsletter last week. You can read it here and there’s also a link to an interview with us. Thanks Adobe & Nick Carson!

Philip Kennedy also did a piece about us for his very lovely blog Fieldwork. Have a look.

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Danke Schön

Groove Magazine in Germany, writes that Efterklang’s Magic Chairs cover is one of the ten best covers of 2010. Thank you Groove Magazine!

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Guest talk

We will be giving a guest talk at the Danish School of Media and Journalism this Friday, January 21st at 2.15 PM.

The talk, which is supported by Polo Jeans Co. Ralph Lauren is open to the public and is part of a project called Art Stars that we participated in last year in which we, alongside other young artists, decorated a large star that was later auctioned off in order to raise money for teenagers with cancer. This will also be a call for entries for a new competition that the company is arranging for the same cause. More on this later!

The talk is open for everyone, so come on by! We will be speaking Danish though.

Danish School of Media and Journalism
Auditorium 1.05 Storauditoriet
Emdrupvej 72, DK-2400 NV

Read more here

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Facebook and Twitter

By the way, we are now on Facebook and Twitter, come and join us!

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Efterklang and the French director Vincent Moon have created a beautiful film called “An Island” which will premiere in February.

We did the titles and design for the film. Check out Anders Ladegaard’s website here, and see how you can get involved in the project by hosting your own Private-Public Screening, or simply by spreading the word. We will be hosting a screening ourselves, here at our studio in Skt. Peders Stræde on February 4th at 8pm, so if you want to come and join us, please go to An Island website and attend a screening, or arrange to host one yourself!

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Turboweekend EP

In November Turboweekend released an EP with 5 great songs, that you can get your hands on, free of charge! Casper Clausen from Efterklang as well as Ty Bulmer from New Young Pony Club are featured on some of the songs, that you can download here. We did the design of the cover aswell as the website, with photos from photographer Emil Rønn Andersen, and hand writing by the ever amazing Jody Barton.

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New posters for sale!

We have 3 new digital prints for sale in our web shop.

A remake of a screen print from our show at Kemistry Gallery, a photograph of one of our wood pieces and an old image we recently found in our cabinet of unborn drawings.

You can see these items and much more here.

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Canon Blue

Happy New Year!

After lovely holidays to the countryside in Denmark, Sweden and Lisbon over Christmas and New Years, we have now resumed work again at full speed!

Last Friday our friend Brian Buchard took studio photographs of some work we have been busy preparing for Canon Blue’s upcoming album that will be released later this year. We are now in the process of finishing the artwork and layouting the cover. More to come soon!

The album is absolutely brilliant, so look forward to hearing it when it’s out later this year.

Check out Canon Blue’s previous work here.

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