Support Japan postcards

We have a postcard print for sale, via Artrebels and Dansk Rødekors (Red Cross) in order to raise money to support victims of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. You can buy them in a set of 4, with prints by Philip Ytournel, Søren Behncke, SHFT and ourselves.

Go get them here!

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We will be displaying a few pieces of our work at c/o Illustration, an illustration fair in Stockholm, opening March 25th in Biblioteksgatan 10. Unfortunately we won’t be able to make it up to Stockholm, but we are nevertheless very exited to participate.

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Art Auction in Berlin

Tomorrow, Saturday March 19th the first De Joode and Kamutzki art auction will be held in Berlin! The auction is initated by artist/curator Rachel de Joode and artist/auctioneer Maria Kamutzki, and their goal is to make contemporary art accesable for everyone. We have a print up for auction! You can read a lot more about the exiting project and see the artworks here.

If you want to join the auction tomorrow in Berlin, write to register [at] dejoodeandkamutzki [dot] com

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Print Okushon – Buy a print and help Japan!

Print Okushon has been set up to help raise money for the victims of the recent catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Japan. A handful of illustrators and designers have been asked to donate a print that will be auctioned off via ebay over the coming weeks.
The format is simple:
- Find a print you love
- Bid generously
- Pay If you win
- Receive a beautiful print and help Japan

100% of all money raised will be donated to the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.

Read more here.

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Our New Studio!

We are almost in place in our new studio. We had so much stuff to move! Now we just need Nan Na’s father to come and help us put up some shelving and then we’ll be all set. (Let’s hope he reads this.) We are sharing the space with 10 other artists, designers, musicians and more. Drop by and say hi if you are near!

Moving out of our old studio…

…and almost in place in our new studio!

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Agent Bauer

We are very pleased to announce that we are now under the wings of Swedish agency Agent Bauer! We’ve been considering to be represented by an agency for a long time, but haven’t been quite ready to take the leap, until Agent Bauer contacted us.

The agency represents a long list of talented creative people working with photography, styling, hair/make-up, animation & film and illustration.

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Moving soon!

We have found a new studio space! It’s on Ahornsgade in Nørrebro, near Skt. Hans Torv. So as of March 7th: if  you are looking for us, this is where you can find us!

It’s a little sad to leave our cozy cave-like studio, which has been a good second home for 2 and a half years now. But ah, those winds of change…!  We’ll have lots more light, and more space, in the new studio. And more studio mates as well: we’ll be sharing it with 11 other people, amongst others Daniel Frost, our illustrator friend. See some of his inspiring work here.

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