It’s Nice That & Asos

ASOS have once again teamed up with It’s Nice That and picked five designers to create a series of limited edition cycling vests. Among them you can find us! And some really cool designers like La Boca and Siggi Eggertsson, so we are honored to be in such good company!

Another treat is that if you buy the shirts, you can get at chance to win custom made bikes with the prints! Read more about the whole thing here at Asos site.

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Limited Works print

Sofie spent Monday and Tuesday this week in the lovely city of Berlin, working on a print for upcoming gallery Limited Works, who will feature prints from great artists, such as Mathias Malling Mortensen, Stine Tranekjær, Husk Mit Navn, Helle Mardahl and Andreas Emenius (among others). Limited Works is focusing on hand printed screen prints in small editions, and is initiated by Morten Halborg-Møller (also known as MHM1). The idea behind Limited Works is to present great art of high quality at affordable prices for everyone.

All the prints will be printed by Louise Drubigny, a French artist and printmaker living in Berlin. It was such a pleasure working with a real pro, who really took the time to make everything accurate!

Here’s a sneak peak of the 3 colour print and some pictures from the work in progress.

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Canon Blue

Here’s the album cover we recently did for Canon Blue’s upcoming album Rumspringa, to be released August on Temporary Residence in the US and on Rumraket in Scandinavia. A nice chance to practice our log cabin quilting skills! It’s a wonderful album, so we highly recommend that you go out and get yourself a copy once it’s out! See more images on our work site.

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Back in Business again

Nan Na has come home after 3 fantastic months in Portland (you can see her travel blog here), and we will slowly be resuming work and also enjoying a bit of summer holidays over the next month. This month we are working on an exiting collaboration with Dark Matters, an interactive stage design setup for Trailerpark Festival later this summer. Lasse and Rune (Dark Matters) and Yoke have done some really cool programming for this, and it already looks like the result will be pretty amazing with fun interaction!

Yesterday we built a model of the setup and we will all start experimenting with textures over the next days.

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