Efterklang Piramida cakes!

Have you been wondering what an edible rendition of the Efterklang Piramida artwork might look like? Here’s the answer!
:–D These special Piramida cakes, made together with the lovely Sara Davis, were a surprise for Efterklang at their release party last night in Berlin. We made an album cover carrot cake, a pyramid shaped lemon cake and a chocolate planet cake. Uhmm!! A huge congratulations to Efterklang on their best yet. The album is out on Monday by the way.

How to make a Piramida cake….

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Apples Single cover for Efterklang

Exiting news: Efterklang’s new single Apples from their forthcoming album Piramida has just been released today – you can listen to it here – and the single cover is of course designed by us. (If the player doesn’t work, you can download the MP3 instead)

Right now we are also working on a music video for Apples, together with Jakob Steen, who made Efterklang’s last video for the single Hollow Mountain. It’s really exiting and fun work and we can’t wait to show it! The video will be released already next week.

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