Secret 7

We recently took part in a the lovely project Secret 7”a fundraising project combining music and art for a good cause.

We designed a piece for Nick Drake’s song Rider on the Wheel. The image is composed of layers of marbling, which were hand done in collaboration Jody Barton.

With seven tracks from seven bands and artists (including names like Nick Drake and Elton John) 700 vinyls were pressed, and creatives from around the world were invited to do artwork for one of these seven tracks, resulting in 700 one-of-a-kind sleeves for every song.

All the covers were exhibited for a week, and on Record Store Day (April 20th ) they were made available for purchase. All profits went to Art Against Knives to help fund creative initiatives around London.

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This is a sheet of wrapping that we designed for issue #7 of the beautiful magazine Wrap.

Wrap is a design and illustration magazine featuring artists from around the world. Each issue includes five double-sided sheets of wrapping paper, which you can either use to wrap your gifts or hang on your wall.

This issue is titled Drawn Together and is themed around collaboration work. The concept behind our print is to show how creative work is all about assembling the building blocks you have at hand, represented here by wooden objects. It is depicted like a game, to convey that playfulness is an important part of creative work – and that building, taking down, and rearranging is all part of the creative process.

You can get your hands on this lovely magazine in shops like Anthropologie, Paperchase, Tate Modern and the Design Museum in the UK as well as on Wrap’s website, where you can also purchase prints.

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On tour

We just got back from an amazing trip to UK and Ireland… this is as close as we get to going on tour! We first visited London where our American agency Hugo & Marie have set up a group show called Being Dreaming at KK Outlet. The show presents a collection of works from the Hugo & Marie roster, including MVM, Mario Hugo, Merijn Hos, Santtu Mustonen, Kustaa Saksi and Tom Darracott, who we had the pleasure of meeting at the pre-show dinner, where we also did a Pecha Kucha talk at the gallery, which was a lot of fun. We also finally met Masha and Jennifer from Hugo & Marie – and we even got to meet Jennifers amazing mom!

The show opened on April 4th and will run until April 27th. If you are in London, do visit.

After this we traveled to Dublin to talk at the Offset festival, which was a huge experience. Thank you to everyone who came, and thank you for the overwhelming response we received.

We are now back in Copenhagen trying to get settled in our new studio that we moved to only last week. We are busy scheming a huge shelving system that we want to build!

At the pre-show dinner at KK Outlet. This is our new tapestry made specially for the show.

Our new Studio!


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