Biotherm packaging

We have designed the packaging for this year’s Biotherm special edition Christmas products! Here are some photos from the press release that was held recently in Copenhagen.

This 3D paper version of our star design was crafted by the talented Aline HD

Photos by Camilla Nørgaard / Holm & Bertung PR



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Our illustration for Apple is now in Apple stores world wide! :-D See more here.

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Apple Illustrations

We have created two illustrations for Apple’s latest campaign, showcasing the Apple Pencil. Both are made entirely on the iPad pro using the Apple Pencil and Procreate. You can see more on our website here

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Contemporary Danish Illustration

We haven’t been the best at keeping our blog alive recently… And so we forgot to mention, that if you love illustration, then go get this book called Contemporary Danish Illsutration, designed by WAAITT and published by Arvenius + Orfeus. It features the work of 32 Danish illustrators, including ours :-D

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Big news!

Of all the things we’ve made over the past many years this is by far the wildest one: 9 months in the making and now 5 weeks old, meet Sofie’s new baby, Bjørn. Big congratulations to Sofie and Morten. While Sofie is away on maternity leave for part of this spring, Nan Na is doing a printmaking residency at Statens Værksteder for Kunst in Copenhagen in their intaglio studio, and will be traveling for a couple of months shortly after. This means we will be having some downtime at the studio, so if we are slower to respond or send out prints from our webshop, that’s why. We are looking forward to being back in May, where we will give a talk at OFFF in Barcelona on May 16th! Many amazing artists will be speaking, so don’t miss it. You can get tickets here.

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Visual Identity for The Conference

We are on to Malmö! We have recently designed the visual identity for The Conference — a two day event organized by Media Evolution to take place in the amazing city of Malmö August 19th–20th 2014. We will also be working on event design for The Conference! See more on our website here and by tickets here.

Oh and, better late than never: Happy New Year!

For the recent launch of The Conference’s website we set up our analogue portrait generator in which guests could photograph themselves or each other and upload their photos to instagram.

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Our New Studio!

We are very happy to present our new and improved studio :-D We only just recently finished decorating it and it feels so good to finally be settled in! We moved into this new space a couple of months ago (and this is actually the first time we have a studio that’s not in a dark, damp basement). Bo Benzon from Arkitekturministeriet helped us build the loft bed and shelving system that we’ve always dreamed of. There’s a little upstairs corner to relax, nap, read, or have visitors sleep over. Thank you to Chiara, Morten, Caritas & Berit for helping us paint it.

Photos by Chiara Dal Maso, who just finished interning with us.

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Paper Collective

We have done a print for the newly established project Paper Collective’s first collection of art prints! The Launch is celebrated today at the shop Munk on Christianshavn in Copenhagen.

Our print is based on our recent work for Wrap magazine and can be purchased here. Posters are produced locally and sustainably and all proceeds go to a good cause.

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VIsuelt 2013

We recently returned from a very inspiring trip to Oslo, where we took part in the Visuelt 2013 seminar, an anual event hosted by Grafill. We were lucky to have the chance to talk at the seminar, and also to hear lots of inspiring talks by other designers – such as B. Martin Pedersen, founder of Graphis and Adrian Westaway from Vitamins Design Studio to name a few. The food was supplied by amazing Food Studio – visit their website, it’s really worth while, these guys are doing fantastic things with food.

Earlier this year we were also invited to be a part of the Visuelt jury for their annual design competition in the Illustration category, which was a lot of fun. And we got to see the Visuelt award show, where Norway’s design talents were awarded for their works in the categories Illustration, Graphic Design & Interaction Design.

Here’s a photo of some wonderful juices prepared by Food Studio at the Visuelt party on a roof top overlooking the city.

Hans Gerhard Meier just sent us this picture of the notes he took while listening to our talk at the seminar! :–D

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Secret 7

We recently took part in a the lovely project Secret 7”a fundraising project combining music and art for a good cause.

We designed a piece for Nick Drake’s song Rider on the Wheel. The image is composed of layers of marbling, which were hand done in collaboration Jody Barton.

With seven tracks from seven bands and artists (including names like Nick Drake and Elton John) 700 vinyls were pressed, and creatives from around the world were invited to do artwork for one of these seven tracks, resulting in 700 one-of-a-kind sleeves for every song.

All the covers were exhibited for a week, and on Record Store Day (April 20th ) they were made available for purchase. All profits went to Art Against Knives to help fund creative initiatives around London.

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