Wood piece

Sorry for the radio silence in here! We still exist, but have been busy working and making a baby. Sofie is now back full time from maternity leave, just in time for Nan Na leaving to take care of baby Bibi.

The past few months Sofie have been working on creating a wood piece, commissioned by Stupid Studio for their office in Odense. The sketches were made a long time ago, back when we didn’t have any kids and could work all the time – which of course meant we never had any time for personal work. But finally we got to make it in real life, and it has been such a nice project to work on.

We worked with Stupid Studio on the intros for We Love Graphic Design in October 2013 and as a thank you for helping us, we created this piece for them. Talk about exchange economy!

Here’s some work in progress photos.

The piece is created assembling painted pieces of cut out wood painted with acrylic paint and wood stains.

Now we only need a photo of the final piece hanging on the wall in Odense, can’t wait to see how it looks.

A big thanks to Benjamin Nordsmark, who helped cutting out all the wood pieces and assembling them, and to Tiia Lindström, who’s interning with us now.

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Visual Identity for The Conference

We are on to Malmö! We have recently designed the visual identity for The Conference — a two day event organized by Media Evolution to take place in the amazing city of Malmö August 19th–20th 2014. We will also be working on event design for The Conference! See more on our website here and by tickets here.

Oh and, better late than never: Happy New Year!

For the recent launch of The Conference’s website we set up our analogue portrait generator in which guests could photograph themselves or each other and upload their photos to instagram.

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We Love Graphic Design

We are in the process of designing the visual identity for We Love Graphic Design, a one-day seminar which will take place in Copenhagen at Bremen Theatre on October 5th 2013. We will also be speaking at the event, alongside Brosmind, Hansje Van Halem, Kate Moross and James White!

So far we have designed the basic components of the identity which is based on pieces of floating white paper and graphic symbols – two fundamental tools for the graphic designer. We created the poster for the event, which we decided to screen print. Here are some photos of our visit to the printer’s. Next step will be to translate the design into 3D and create stage design + animated introductions for the event.

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Photogravur’ing in Bjarne Agerbo Atelier

In December we had the pleasure of working for 2 days in Bjarne Agerbo’s atelier in the outskirts of Copenhagen. Bjarne has a wonderful little studio in his villa, where every little thing has its place. It really made us want to do a studio make over!

Bjarne helped us create 5 new photogravure prints that will be available in our shop very soon.

Nan Na inspecting the work…

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The exhibition Edge – 15 Statements, at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Architecture and Design, is closing soon on November 25th. If you are in Copenhagen and haven’t seen it yet, you should go and have a look, there are many very interesting projects to see.

We exhibited our work for Efterklang’s Piramida Concerts: concert visuals, stage design and also the Piramida cover artwork. This was a nice chance to show a lot of the process behind the work, and we’d love to share it with you.

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We spent most of today preparing the stage elements for Efterklang’s show at the Royal Academy of Music’s Concert Hall October 9th and 10th. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful spaces in Copenhagen, and a very nice place to spend time in. Here are some work-in-progress photos – we got to crawl around under the ceiling, hanging our striped wooden sticks from small holes, with very nice views from above.

And here’s our amazing intern Bettina!

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Number0 proces

Back when we did a blog post about our cover for Japanese band number0, we wrote that we’d soon put up some process photos showing how we made it – which, in the mean time, we completely forgot! We just remembered, so here are some photos of how we created the artwork by combining fabric, glass and spray paint in layered images.

And here’s what the final artwork looked like:

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Today Rumraket is Releasing Canon Blue’s album Rumspringa in Scandinavia, so for this occasion we bring you a few making-of photos! And some photos of the package. Read more about the Release on Efterklang’s website, or on Rumraket, where you can purchase a copy of the CD. Also see canonblue.com.

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Back in Business again

Nan Na has come home after 3 fantastic months in Portland (you can see her travel blog here), and we will slowly be resuming work and also enjoying a bit of summer holidays over the next month. This month we are working on an exiting collaboration with Dark Matters, an interactive stage design setup for Trailerpark Festival later this summer. Lasse and Rune (Dark Matters) and Yoke have done some really cool programming for this, and it already looks like the result will be pretty amazing with fun interaction!

Yesterday we built a model of the setup and we will all start experimenting with textures over the next days.

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Canon Blue

Happy New Year!

After lovely holidays to the countryside in Denmark, Sweden and Lisbon over Christmas and New Years, we have now resumed work again at full speed!

Last Friday our friend Brian Buchard took studio photographs of some work we have been busy preparing for Canon Blue’s upcoming album that will be released later this year. We are now in the process of finishing the artwork and layouting the cover. More to come soon!

The album is absolutely brilliant, so look forward to hearing it when it’s out later this year.

Check out Canon Blue’s previous work here.

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