Contemporary Danish Illustration

We haven’t been the best at keeping our blog alive recently… And so we forgot to mention, that if you love illustration, then go get this book called Contemporary Danish Illsutration, designed by WAAITT and published by Arvenius + Orfeus. It features the work of 32 Danish illustrators, including ours :-D

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We did the Q for this month’s issue of Wired!

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Illustrations for Viewpoint Magazine no.33 — a very beautiful magazine designed by Bianca Wendt…. was very exited to find it in the mail! You can see excerpts from the issue #33 on Bianca’s website here.

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This is a sheet of wrapping that we designed for issue #7 of the beautiful magazine Wrap.

Wrap is a design and illustration magazine featuring artists from around the world. Each issue includes five double-sided sheets of wrapping paper, which you can either use to wrap your gifts or hang on your wall.

This issue is titled Drawn Together and is themed around collaboration work. The concept behind our print is to show how creative work is all about assembling the building blocks you have at hand, represented here by wooden objects. It is depicted like a game, to convey that playfulness is an important part of creative work – and that building, taking down, and rearranging is all part of the creative process.

You can get your hands on this lovely magazine in shops like Anthropologie, Paperchase, Tate Modern and the Design Museum in the UK as well as on Wrap’s website, where you can also purchase prints.

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This week we are featured in the Chinese Magazine Design 360 and the Norwegian interior magazine Nytt Rom.

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Recent features

We were featured in Adobe’s newsletter last week. You can read it here and there’s also a link to an interview with us. Thanks Adobe & Nick Carson!

Philip Kennedy also did a piece about us for his very lovely blog Fieldwork. Have a look.

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Danke Schön

Groove Magazine in Germany, writes that Efterklang’s Magic Chairs cover is one of the ten best covers of 2010. Thank you Groove Magazine!

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New prints for sale in our webshop!

We have added new prints to our webshop! This time they are limited edition prints of our cover artwork for Turboweekend, Efterklang and Clogs – as well as our old time favorite, Food Faces. The cover artwork was exhibited at the graphic art fair Pick Me Up, at Somerset House in London earlier this year. The Turboweekend and Efterklang images are 100×100 cm, and the two Clogs images are 60×68 cm. The Food Faces were made one afternoon a few years ago, just for fun, and they are 40×40 cm.

These editions are printed on demand, and personally signed and numbered. And you can buy them all here!

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Here are some recent articles about us and some of our music related work in the Danish music magazine Gaffa.
(Sorry, but they are in Danish of course…)

Hvass&Hannibal – Designduo med succes
Undercover – Magic Chairs

And here’s an old one about the Turboweekend cover:

Undercover – Ghost of a Chance

An old photo from the making of Turboweekend’s first album cover, Nightshift

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Seduction in theory

“If I gave you French underwear for your birthday, would you let me borrow it?” – ”I’m that guy, from that famous band, you know…” – “I closed (kissed) an HB10 (hot babe rated 10) last Saturday, but I don’t want an LTR (long term relationship) so I just said LJBF (let’s just be friends)”

We recently finished a new illustration for a story about the ‘art of seduction’. The article is about seduction in various contexts: how to sell yourself, or your product and how to attract customers – or the opposite sex! In the story there’s an interview with a group of young men who are all part of an online community where they share tricks and theories on how to seduce (mostly) women. We thought this was really interesting and funny… and apparently there are even equations to figure out how big your chance is to get together with a hot lady.

If you want some entertaining reading on the subject visit The Game Online (in Danish) or try to understand the Gunwitch Method

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