The Conference 2015!

Last week the conference named ‘The Conference’ took place in Malmø – and as last year, we designed the event as well as the identity. It’s a great conference with topics about new technology, human behaviour and how to make things happen. The design included stage design for 4 stages, decorations and a mirror Photo Booth, which was particularly fun! We have been working on this event since March, so it was a great pleasure seeing everything coming to live… More photos will be added to our site soon!

Tip: all talks can be watched here!

Photos by: Peter Malmqvist, Jesper Berg and Sofie Hannibal
The cardboard box tower construction is inspired by sound and installation artist Zimoun.

The entrance

Overlooking the venue

A volunteer holding a sign

Happy volunteers in outfits by Anne Werner

The mirror photo booth!

Photos taken in the Photo Booth

The Bar

The Conversation stage

The Butchery stage

The Theatre stage

Have a look at the identity and event we designed last year!

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Wood piece

Sorry for the radio silence in here! We still exist, but have been busy working and making a baby. Sofie is now back full time from maternity leave, just in time for Nan Na leaving to take care of baby Bibi.

The past few months Sofie have been working on creating a wood piece, commissioned by Stupid Studio for their office in Odense. The sketches were made a long time ago, back when we didn’t have any kids and could work all the time – which of course meant we never had any time for personal work. But finally we got to make it in real life, and it has been such a nice project to work on.

We worked with Stupid Studio on the intros for We Love Graphic Design in October 2013 and as a thank you for helping us, we created this piece for them. Talk about exchange economy!

Here’s some work in progress photos.

The piece is created assembling painted pieces of cut out wood painted with acrylic paint and wood stains.

Now we only need a photo of the final piece hanging on the wall in Odense, can’t wait to see how it looks.

A big thanks to Benjamin Nordsmark, who helped cutting out all the wood pieces and assembling them, and to Tiia Lindström, who’s interning with us now.

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Julemarked // Christmas Market – 12. Dec. 14:00–20:00

Kom til julemarked og åbent hus i vores værksted Winds of Change.

Der vil være mulighed for at købe plakater, grafik, kunsttryk + nogle helt nye risographs.
Desuden kan man få sig en tår gløgg og en julekage!

- – - – - – - -

Fredag den 12.12.2014 kl 14:00-20:00

Prinsesse Maries Allé 1
1908 Frederiksberg

Map here

- – - – - – - -

If in Copenhagen, join us for our annual Christmas Market at our studio on Friday. We hope to see you there!

We’ll have prints, posters and more for sale – plus some brand new risographs.

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We have a show coming up very soon, at Kunstpakhuset in Ikast, where we will be showing almost our whole body of work – along with a few new things, among others a new tapestry we’ve been working. If you are anywhere near Ikast, do come by for the opening this Saturday November 1st at 1 pm.

Here is some work in progress….

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The Conference Event Design Build-Up

After a long silence, we are back on the blog! Last week we finished our work for The Conference in Malmö, for which we first designed the visual identity, and then continued on to designing the main event, a two-day conference, which took place last week. We created stage design, interior, badges, visuals and signage plus outfits for the conference’s team of volunteers. Kristoffer Juel Poulsen came and documented part of the process of setting up the event in this little film:

The hanging wooden shapes were cut and painted by Trine Møller Pedersen. And big thanks to Sara Davis and Mia Stangertz who took part in setting up.

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New Photogravures!

Nan Na recently finished a one-month residency in the printmaking studio at Statens Værksteder for Kunst in Copenhagen, which resulted in a series of three new photogravure prints that will be for sale at Limited Works as of March 19th – but only in a very limited amount of copies for now, as the whole edition has not been printed yet.

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The Efterklang Piramida Concert socks have arrived, and what a feeling to finally have a sock with our design on it. This might be a sock for you: comfortable, eye-catching and quite a collectors item. So if you’d like to carry our design on your foot, they are available on Efterklang’s webshop. :-D

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British furniture store Heal’s is relaunching their fabric collection – the first since the 1970s – and we are very excited to present our textile design for this first collection which we are a part of alongside a group of other designers including Zandra Rhodes, Malika Favre and Petra Börner. Our design is called Herbarium, and you can see more images here. There’s also a video about all the fabrics and designers featured in the collection.

You can read more on Designweek and Creative Review or on the Heal’s website where fabrics and products are available for sale as of March 1st. Commissioned through Outline Artists – big thanks!

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We did the Q for this month’s issue of Wired!

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Big news!

Of all the things we’ve made over the past many years this is by far the wildest one: 9 months in the making and now 5 weeks old, meet Sofie’s new baby, Bjørn. Big congratulations to Sofie and Morten. While Sofie is away on maternity leave for part of this spring, Nan Na is doing a printmaking residency at Statens Værksteder for Kunst in Copenhagen in their intaglio studio, and will be traveling for a couple of months shortly after. This means we will be having some downtime at the studio, so if we are slower to respond or send out prints from our webshop, that’s why. We are looking forward to being back in May, where we will give a talk at OFFF in Barcelona on May 16th! Many amazing artists will be speaking, so don’t miss it. You can get tickets here.

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