Wood piece

Sorry for the radio silence in here! We still exist, but have been busy working and making a baby. Sofie is now back full time from maternity leave, just in time for Nan Na leaving to take care of baby Bibi.

The past few months Sofie have been working on creating a wood piece, commissioned by Stupid Studio for their office in Odense. The sketches were made a long time ago, back when we didn’t have any kids and could work all the time – which of course meant we never had any time for personal work. But finally we got to make it in real life, and it has been such a nice project to work on.

We worked with Stupid Studio on the intros for We Love Graphic Design in October 2013 and as a thank you for helping us, we created this piece for them. Talk about exchange economy!

Here’s some work in progress photos.

The piece is created assembling painted pieces of cut out wood painted with acrylic paint and wood stains.

Now we only need a photo of the final piece hanging on the wall in Odense, can’t wait to see how it looks.

A big thanks to Benjamin Nordsmark, who helped cutting out all the wood pieces and assembling them, and to Tiia Lindström, who’s interning with us now.

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SUSTAINIA – our first Award Design!

Tonight Sustainia will be awarding the best sustainable solution among 100 nominated projects from all over the world. The winner of Sustainia’s Community Award will also be announced. And we have designed the awards – which will be handed over to the winners by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, Honorary Chair of the Sustainia Award Committee, at the Royal Theater in Copenhagen. This is our very first award design project, and we were very happy to work with glass artists Karin Mørch and  Torben Jørgensen who crafted the awards. Carpenter and designer Benjamin Nordsmark made the wooden bases. Fingers crossed that we get to say hi to Mr. Schwarzenegger!

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