Our illustration for Apple is now in Apple stores world wide! :-D See more here.

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Treasure Hunt Children’s Books

Our first Children’s Books! :-D Comissioned by Wide Eyed Editions in the UK. Technicolour Treasure Hunt is all about colours and counting, while Patterntastic Treasure Hunt is about patterns in nature, and finding the odd one out! Our own little ones are crazy about them. Available in our shop. And see more on our work site here.

Photos by Helle Sandager.

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Apple Illustrations

We have created two illustrations for Apple’s latest campaign, showcasing the Apple Pencil. Both are made entirely on the iPad pro using the Apple Pencil and Procreate. You can see more on our website here

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We did the Q for this month’s issue of Wired!

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Illustrations for Viewpoint Magazine no.33 — a very beautiful magazine designed by Bianca Wendt…. was very exited to find it in the mail! You can see excerpts from the issue #33 on Bianca’s website here.

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New Illustration for Ud & Se

This is our new illustration for a short story in Ud & Se, Danish Railways magazine. The story is part of a series that is based on dreams sent in by readers, which have then been interpreted by Danish authors. The story we illustrated is about a rivalry between two sisters and it features a HUGORM, which is a Danish type of snake….. (that basically means a smaller, less dangerous and less exotic version of a snake)

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This is a sheet of wrapping that we designed for issue #7 of the beautiful magazine Wrap.

Wrap is a design and illustration magazine featuring artists from around the world. Each issue includes five double-sided sheets of wrapping paper, which you can either use to wrap your gifts or hang on your wall.

This issue is titled Drawn Together and is themed around collaboration work. The concept behind our print is to show how creative work is all about assembling the building blocks you have at hand, represented here by wooden objects. It is depicted like a game, to convey that playfulness is an important part of creative work – and that building, taking down, and rearranging is all part of the creative process.

You can get your hands on this lovely magazine in shops like Anthropologie, Paperchase, Tate Modern and the Design Museum in the UK as well as on Wrap’s website, where you can also purchase prints.

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New Robot in our Webshop

We were invited to design a robot for this special package containing 15 different robot templates, 12 of which are illustrated by various artists, including artists like David Shrigley and Geneviéve Gauckler, plus 3 blank ones that you can decorate yourself. This means endless fun! And you can get one in our webshop, take a look here.

Create your own set of robots to play with and line up in a colourful display, or to send to friends using the specially designed envelopes included in the box. The robot parts are interchangeable so you can take them apart and rebuild them.

The Robot is published by Laurence King Publishing in collaboration with Magma Books. And the other artists are: eBoy, Bubi au Yeung, Geneviéve Gauckler, Airside, David Shrigley, Roman Klonek, Jon Burgerman, Donna Wilson, Ben Newman, Malota & Shin Tanaka.

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Ud & Se illustration

We almost forgot to mention: our latest illustration is out now in DSB’s magazine Ud & Se in the March issue. We did these two images for a very interesting and entertaining article about why and how people lie – which they apparently do a lot more than you’d expect… It’s written by our friend Boline Skovly. Grab a copy next time you are on a train! If you are not Danish you might not know the magazine, but it really is a nice one – one of our favorites in fact.

Here are the two illustrations:


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New illustration

“How did you get so strong?” “Lot’s of spinach!”

We just finished an illustration for an article in the March issue of Danish Railways’ magazine Ud & Se, which is undoubtedly one of our favorite magazines in Denmark. The article is all about lying: big or small lies, white or black lies, how much we lie and when and why. It’s written by our friend and journalist Boline Skovly. Here’s a small preview!

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