We spent most of today preparing the stage elements for Efterklang’s show at the Royal Academy of Music’s Concert Hall October 9th and 10th. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful spaces in Copenhagen, and a very nice place to spend time in. Here are some work-in-progress photos – we got to crawl around under the ceiling, hanging our striped wooden sticks from small holes, with very nice views from above.

And here’s our amazing intern Bettina!

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Efterklang at the Sydney Opera House

Saturday the 26th of May was a very special day for us! Efterklang had a world premiere of their new album, Piramida, at the Sydney Opera House for the Vivid Live Festival. We designed scenographic elements as well as visual projections for the concert. It has been an amazing experience, and we look forward to posting more images once we are back in Copenhagen.

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Trailerpark Festival stage

Here are some more photos and a video of the completed stage design we did for Trailerpark Festival last month, in collaboration with Dark Matters and Yoke. It was an interactive installation, where the audience via the box in front could interact with the projections which were mapped to fit the three-dimensional set.

Interactive Main Stage @ Trailerpark Festival 2011 from Dark Matters on Vimeo.

Photo: Rikke Luna

Photo: Anders Skovshoved

Photo: Emil Hougaard

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Back in Business again

Nan Na has come home after 3 fantastic months in Portland (you can see her travel blog here), and we will slowly be resuming work and also enjoying a bit of summer holidays over the next month. This month we are working on an exiting collaboration with Dark Matters, an interactive stage design setup for Trailerpark Festival later this summer. Lasse and Rune (Dark Matters) and Yoke have done some really cool programming for this, and it already looks like the result will be pretty amazing with fun interaction!

Yesterday we built a model of the setup and we will all start experimenting with textures over the next days.

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Trailerpark Festival

Here are some more photos of our stage design for Trailerpark Festival 2010!

(photo from trailerparkfestival.com)

Chimes and Bells (photo from trailerparkfestival.com)

Chimes and Bells (photo from trailerparkfestival.com)

Rosa Lux (photo from trailerparkfestival.com)

Sleep Party People (photo from Rasmus’ phone)

Fallulah (photo from trailerparkfestival.com)

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Trailerpark Festival

We’re back! Well almost… As of Monday we will resume work behind our desks at the studio, after a lovely month of sunshine and holidays. In the mean time we have designed a bit of stage decoration for the Trailerpark Festival, which is beginning tonight! Don’t miss it – there will be lots and lots of fantastic bands playing and beautiful artwork and sculptures to see. Hope to meet you there!

Our stage design is a forest of abstract shapes made of wood, painted white on the top and different colours on the back. With the white side up, it’ll be possible to project visuals on the shapes, while hopefully the colours on the back will create interesting effects when lit from beneath.

Bo Benzon from Arkitekturministeriet is the technical mastermind behind the wood construction, and thanks to happy helpers at the festival it was possible to paint all 67 shapes in 2 days…

Looking forward to see how it looks when all the shapes are up! Photos by Rasmus Stolberg

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