Haven Festival Identity

We have designed the graphic identity for Haven, a new festival taking place in Copenhagen on August 11th & 12th. The festival is a collaboration between Aaron & Bryce Dessner, Mikkeller and Claus Meyer – and yesterday they announced theire incredible lineup which includes names like Iggy Pop, Beach House, Band of Horses, Chance the Rapper, Liss, When Saints Go Machine and many more… Super exciting to be involved! :-D






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Visual Identity for The Conference

We are on to Malmö! We have recently designed the visual identity for The Conference — a two day event organized by Media Evolution to take place in the amazing city of Malmö August 19th–20th 2014. We will also be working on event design for The Conference! See more on our website here and by tickets here.

Oh and, better late than never: Happy New Year!

For the recent launch of The Conference’s website we set up our analogue portrait generator in which guests could photograph themselves or each other and upload their photos to instagram.

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We Love Graphic Design

We are in the process of designing the visual identity for We Love Graphic Design, a one-day seminar which will take place in Copenhagen at Bremen Theatre on October 5th 2013. We will also be speaking at the event, alongside Brosmind, Hansje Van Halem, Kate Moross and James White!

So far we have designed the basic components of the identity which is based on pieces of floating white paper and graphic symbols – two fundamental tools for the graphic designer. We created the poster for the event, which we decided to screen print. Here are some photos of our visit to the printer’s. Next step will be to translate the design into 3D and create stage design + animated introductions for the event.

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